I’m starting to get people enquiring about how they can get a Wild Ginger Running technical t-shirt like the one I wear in my films and at races. So if you want to buy the first ever Wild Ginger logo-ed tees so we can all recognise each other out on the trails, here are the details. Makes a great Christmas present!

1 Template pic.jpg
Wild Ginger Films technical t-shirts are all the rage this Christmas!

Logo front only £19.95

It’s £3 more to get the logo printed on the back as well, so let me know if you want this option (however, please be aware that the back logo rubs off if you wear a running pack, so not a good option for actual use on the trails!)

Pay me via Paypal – WildGingerHQ@gmail.com

Then email me your payment confirmation, size, colour and address to WildGingerHQ@gmail.com and the date you need it for. I’d like to do them all in a batch early December so you can have them in time for Christmas.

Other colours available:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 18.09.11.jpg

Front logo
Back logo. But it rubs off with a pack and costs £3 more. You choose 🙂